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34 Years OF Experience

We are Specialised in Motorbikes Repair and Services

Jobson Motosport is the leading motorcycle repair shop in the South Coast region. Our full range of services offers engine performance, suspension tuning, and engine machine services.

We are specialists in European and Harley Davidson motorbikes. Also, we are known for the dealers of SHERCO & SWM Motocycle's. In our workshop, we work on motorbikes of all the brands and models. We have all the accessories and parts that riders require in their bikes.

More than 3 decades of experience help us to stand ahead of the competition in terms of experience and product quality. We are proud to serve riders throughout the South Coast region. Our goal is to provide the highest level of satisfaction to all our customers.

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Our Testimonials

Gary and the boys are simply the level best. do not go anywhere else. I have never seen any better people on price, quality and service. This is the rarest type of business I have ever seen. Gary and siman have even listened to my crazy build ideas and helped at a very reasonable price and been super friendly.


Simon, was super helpfull and knows his stuff, dynoed my bike and improved both horsepower & runs cooler, will definately recommend him to others.

Liv Tag

Met Gary and his son yesterday,they do some incredible engineering with the bikes ill be heading back to get my build going soon,they've been in business for a long time so you know they're doing something special friendly honest and always ready to answer your needs

Steven Dugandzic

Genuine motorbike enthusiasts and every job they've done for me done well. Jobsons know their stuff and willingly give of their time. Can't fault them.


Can't say enough good things about Simon, he went above and beyond standard service and my bike sounds more alive than ever after being at his shop. He clearly knows his trade, did great work on my bike, and is kind and incredibly helpful. I'll definitely be taking my bike to his shop from here on.

Zac Olds

Gary Jobson and his sons are great and very honest and helpful! I am glad i have been to them, they are honest and straight forward unlike most mechanics! will definitely vouch for them to anyone who would like straight forward hassle free job to be done! well done guys keep the jobson name up high!

Mar wan

I only just got home, bike is going great and a noticeable drop in heat, I did notice that yes it pulls in higher gears with minimal effort without dropping back a gear, my heat gun test at the cat showed 197 deg C where before it was 305 deg C also oil 105 before and now 90 deg C and engine temp on the app is also cooler from 161 to 150, thx for your effort and 1 will get in touch if there is any dramas or other work to be done. Like I was saying I rekon if you make up those breathing mods similar to trask transmission cover you will make a killing even just drill into cover add the breather hose with one way valve and breather filter.

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